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National Day of Action: May 21

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Education Conference 2013: Educate, Activate, Organise

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The National Union of StudentsWomen’s and Queer Officers have condemned the prosecution of a young Cairnscouple for procuring an abortion, demanding that the charges be dropped andQueensland laws changed immediately to ensure such heinous persecution is notpossible in future.

“Women in Queensland, and indeedin most states and territories in Australia have no legal right to choose whatis right for their bodies and their lives.”

“In this climate, this woman withthe support of her partner were forced to act alone, and access the necessarytreatment– they should never have been placed in this position.”

“The decision to terminate apregnancy is an extremely private and personal one. In prosecuting this woman,her choice has been turned into a newspaper headline, with no consideration asto the effect this may have on her ongoing health,” Ms Claus, NUS Queer Officersaid.

Following the decriminalizationof abortion in Victoria last year, NUS calls on all state and territorygovernments to act on the groundswell of community support for a woman’s rightto choose, and immediately undertake necessary processes to legislativelyguarantee this right.

NUS Women’s Officer KaitlinFerris added, “There is absolutely no justification for refusing to ensurewomen have the right to access essential health services, and make choicesabout their own bodies and lives. In refusing to take action, weak governments are hiding behind a violentand vocal minority to continue to deny women this right”.

“It’s time for our supposedleaders to stand up, and improve the wellbeing and health of women everywhere.”


For further comment pleasecontact Kaitlin Ferris on 0409 850 364, or Heidi Claus on 0419 377 396

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